Health & Wellness

Vitamin Injections


Known as the super hero vitamin. This vitamin is vital for providing increased energy, improved immune function and faster cellular repair, and it plays a key role to support weight loss and metabolism. Dosing will be based on individual needs and medical history.


Known as the most powerful antioxidant for skin and wellness. This essential amino acid detoxifies the body, supports liver health, helps stimulate collagen, and increases the immune function to fight against disease and aging. Dosing will be based on individual needs and medical history.

IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is a popular and an efficient way to replenish fluids and essential vitamins and nutrients directly into your body for rapid onset of results. Choose the IV that suits your needs off of our premium menu, or let us help create a unique IV just for you.

Our IV premium menu includes:

  • Beauty Glow IV
  • Sundrop Rise and Shine energy IV
  • Super-immunity IV
  • Libido Enhancer IV
  • Lipo-Slim IV
  • VitaNeuro IV
  • Sundrop BIO-regenerative exosome IV

Virtual Health Visit

At Sundrop Aesthetics we are a unique blend where medicine and aesthetics combine. Our nurse practitioners are also here to help with wellness and health guidance or a virtual health visit.

Whether you want an aesthetic general consultation or if have an acute illness that requires prompt treatment, we are here for you. The board-certified nurse practitioners of Sundrop Aesthetics excel at both medical and aesthetic patient care needs. We are here to increase your access to care.

Need a medication refill? Lab work reviewed or something similar? Sundrop Aesthetics will provide you with the prompt compassionate concierge care you so deserve.