Who we are

Learn what makes us tick and why we do what we do!

Sundrop Aesthetics’ experts will work together with you to address your health and skin concerns and provide expert guidance to the treatments and products to meet your best outcomes.

Our Mission

To make the clock reverse and let your health and beauty shine bright.

Here at Sundrop Aesthetics our family owned and operated boutique practice provides focus to make the clock reverse and let your health and beauty shine bright. Our holistic approach to your beauty and wellness offers a vast menu to help you achieve your aesthetic desires. Treat yourself to an aesthetic experience like never before. Sundrop Aesthetics’ experts will work together with you to address your health and skin concerns and provide expert guidance to the treatments and products to meet your best outcomes.

The Conception

The Sundrop flower is a fairytale flower with a backstory.

Once I knew I wanted to have my own aesthetic practice I began to dream about my concept and what I did and did not want. I knew I wanted a name with meaning and not some every day spa-like zen name. I wanted my name to have meaning and my boutique environment to be not only luxurious but also warm and welcoming. After going through a challenging time with trademarking and name branding we landed on Sundrop Aesthetics.

The name was born while watching my daughter Teagan’s favorite Disney Princess in the movie Tangled. The Sundrop flower made Mother Gothel younger and Rapunzel’s mother heal from illness. The power of the flower allowed the clock to reverse and not only allow those to look and be younger but also heal from illness. It seemed appropriate for aesthetics, and there was meaning with the concept stemming from my daughter’s favorite princess, and as a family our love for Disney. What better to represent our brand than that of the Sundrop Flower?

Meet Our Team

Kelly Wesolowski

Founder of Sundrop Aesthetics

MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CANS, Master Injector

I am a board-certified nurse practitioner and aesthetic injector with many years of experience. I have worked in numerous fields as a nurse practitioner but aesthetics is by far my favorite. It provides a different relationship with my patients that allows me to get to know my clients and have fun with them too!

After so many years of working for other people and seeing the flaws behind the scenes I felt motivated to bring my own ideas to life to life with a more personal touch by opening my own practice. My passion for aesthetics is obvious and I love my patients, so what better than having the privilege to open my own refuge for my aesthetic clients?

At Sundrop Aesthetics our holistic approach combines advanced skin treatments and technologies in addition to many other services (read our awesome menu!) to treat your mind, body, and soul. If you are thinking holistic and neurotoxins cannot exist in the same place, then I will politely disagree with you. Without hesitation, I will tell you they can! I believe it is perfectly acceptable to treat your mental health, eat organic and nutritiously, hydrate well, and still get injections. Everything in moderation, as my mother told me. We are all busy and do not have time to always look refreshed (at least I don’t). Coming from a wife, mother, and business owner I need my neurotoxins in addition to my vitamins and exercise!

Too many aesthetic practices are popping up all over and let’s be real, it gets hard to decide where to go and who is honest. THIS is why I am here! I got tired of going to aesthetic spas or working for them where 8 different injectors and providers are there and you never get a personal touch and that level of comfort and the goal is quantity over quality. This is where my approach is different because I will be the one to inject you and guide you on services. This boutique aesthetic practice is family owned (yes I work alongside my husband and we are weird and love every moment of it) and we want to provide you an honest and luxurious environment to help you escape and have all your aesthetic needs addressed.

Aesthetics is a growing field and there is still some skepticism and taboo around it but here is my promise to you: you will still look like you after your treatment although more rested and youthful. No one will know you had anything done unless you want them too and I promise you, that you already have friends and family who have long been getting treatments at an aesthetic practice as well.

On the professional side, I am board certified, I am a master injector with advanced injection certifications, I have been a trainer for others in the aesthetic field, and I am also a certified aesthetic nurse specialist. I devote my educational time to learning more every year about aesthetics to keep my skills strong and bring more to the table for my patients. This year I was a one of the winners for the “Best Aesthetic Injectors of America” and the overall winner for the best before and after results contest with our radio frequency device Sylfirm X.

In my free time, I am all about family and hanging out with my husband Andy, daughter Teagan, and two dogs Asher and Ezra. I also love enjoying theme parks, all things Disney, beaches, travel, gym time and running.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Andrew Wesolowski

Co-Founder of Sundrop Aesthetics

Dr. Andrew Wesolowski, DNP, CANS, Aesthetic device specialist

I am a board-certified provider (please don’t call me doctor, just call me Andy) with many years of experience in trauma, ER, ICU, and urgent care. My wife has crossed me over the dark side of the aesthetics field and it is fascinating. Although I don’t do the injectables like filler or neurotoxin for clients, that is her department, I do help provide services such as IV therapy, wellness injections, consultations, and operate various aesthetic and medical devices. I also assist my wife with whatever she needs because she is also my boss at work and in real life. We are so privileged to work together and yes, we have worked together before and each time we have blast and don’t kill each other.

I am so excited for Sundrop Aesthetics and we are extremely passionate about the services and care we can provide for our patients. What makes us better than the medspa around the corner? We offer a personal touch to our boutique aesthetic practice, which is special because it is owned and operated by family and not some money hungry conglomerate looking to punch out quantity over quality. My focus is you, the patient, and helping meet your aesthetic needs. Our other advantage is our medical background that lays a strong foundation to provide even better evidenced based aesthetic care to our patients.

One of my major roles here at Sundrop Aesthetics is to help normalize aesthetic procedures for men. I have had services (done by my wife, I do recommend her) such as neurotoxin, RF microneedling, weight loss treatment, and Kybella. It is important that men understand we age like everyone else and it is ok to help rejuvenate your skin too. Paul Rudd and Ryan Reynolds (my wife’s celebrity crushes) do not have Benjamin Buttons Syndrome and age backwards. They get aesthetic procedures done and just so, so that they look refreshed and younger, which is what we are all about.

On the professional side for myself, I have a doctorate of nursing practice, I have been published for my doctoral research, and I have been a college educator for other nurse practitioners. I am also a certified aesthetic nurse specialist, and I am our protocol and operations developer, and I am our aesthetic device specialist for the practice. I continue to educate myself constantly to learn more and provide the best care possible for our aesthetic clients and practice.

In my free time, I love spending time with my wife Kelly, daughter Teagan, and two dogs Asher and Ezra. I love theme parks, going to the beach, running, travel, and just enjoying downtime at home.

What our clients are saying.

  • “Kelly saved my Sex life with peptide therapy! Being a woman it is a difficult thing to deal with low libido but I think it’s common and she found the right solution for me!”

    Allison W.

  • “I am forever grateful to Kelly for helping me achieve my weight loss goals with semaglutide therapy and her personal and professional experience. She made me feel so comfortable and now I have confidence I never thought I would have.”

    Susana G.

  • “I am down triple digits thanks to Kelly and her weight loss management and prescriptive therapy. Forever grateful! Please see her if you struggle with weight loss.”

    Vera L.

  • “Kelly took away my wrinkles! She is magical.”

    Jessica F.

  • “Dr. Andy is awesome! He placed my IV and I barely felt it. Nothing like my bad experience I had at an IV place nearby in Winter Garden.”

    James F.

  • “Kelly and Andy are an amazing team. I really felt cared for and know I am in great hands with them.”

    Sheri C.