Aesthetic Treatments

RF Microneedling w/ Sylfirm X

Radio frequency microneedling creates the ultimate rejuvenation of skin by stimulating the growth of collagen, elastin, and growth factors, to reveal beautiful and healthy skin. Radio frequency microneedling is far superior to microneedling alone because results are longer-lasting, achieved faster and more dramatically, with maximum skin tightening effects.

Not all radio frequency microneedling is created equal, which is why we choose only the best technology at Sundrop Aesthetics with the Sylfirm X. With superior needle design and patented technology, this treatment offers little to no pain and little to no downtime! Get Xtraordinary results with Sylfirm X at Sundrop Aesthetics.

What can RF microneedling do for you?

  • Treat melasma and PIH
  • Reduce redness and improve rosacea
  • Minimizes pores
  • Lifts and tightens skin
  • Reduces fat and stretch marks, and cellulite
  • Treats acne and scars
  • Complete rejuvenation of skin
  • Reduces wrinkles

AgeJET Plasma Skin Therapy

AgeJET converts medical-grade nitrogen gas into nitrogen plasma to stimulate the natural cell regeneration processes of neocollagenesis and elastogenesis with no ablation.

It channels plasma thermal energy through controlled pulses that quickly heat the skin tissue to between 65°C and 165°C.

The thermal energy is conducted via water in the tissue to the deep layers of aire skin while purging the oxygen from the treatment area to avoid vaporization of the epidermis. The non-fractional energy uniformly treats the entire dermal architecture.

AgeJET’s non-ablative approach causes a physiological response without creating an open wound. Instead, the treated skin creates a natural dressing and optimal healing conditions, reducing the risk of infection.

The patient’s epidermis sheds a few days after treatment, revealing a new epidermal layer with dramatically improved tone, texture, and laxity.

AgeJET For Face And Body

Non-ablatative skin resurfacing with advanced plasma technology. This services offers a gentle anti-aging treatment with little downtime. This treatment is the premium service for pigment concerns, acne, wrinkles, skin tightening, and uniform texture.

AgeJET For Intimate Rejuvenation

intimate rejuvenation refers to a feminine treatment to revitalize the external vagina. Like the rest of our skin and body, the vagina will change with time and age. With only one treatment needed, our intimate rejuvenation is done externally in the office with little to no down time.

AgeJET For Eyes

AgeJET is an innovative non-surgical treatment option for addressing eyelid laxity. It utilizes the power of advanced technologies to rejuvenate and tighten the skin around the eyes, providing a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


DENZA is the world’s most advanced skin lifting treatment that takes skin tightening to all new heights. DENZA delivers monopoloar and bipolar radio frequency with sequential pulsing technology where instant gratification meets long term results. DENZA has no needles, and is extremely easy and comfortable with built in cryo. Designed as a solo treatment regimen with no downtime at all. This revolutionary treatment provides advanced skin lifting and tightening for the face, eyes, and body. Designed to tighten skin due to aging or after weight loss.