Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is here at Sundrop Aesthetics! Did you know the average human spends 72 days of their life devoted to shaving? What if you didn’t have to and what if hair removal could be permanent? Well our device will allow you to never shave again! Our laser removal technology is top of the line offering permanent and PAINLESS hair removal, which is safe and appropriate for ALL SKIN TYPES AND RACES! Our laser hair removal system targets different tissue depths in order to address the toughest hair follicle variations, and the cold sapphire tip of our laser hair removal device reduces the risk of burns on the skin’s surface while keeping heat where the follicles are treated.  Your laser hair removal appointment with us will be more pleasant than ever with faster treatment time (because you’ve got places to go and people to see) without forgoing your results. We are privileged to own and offer what is being called “the most effective laser hair removal treatment available.” Please call and ask about our Laser Hair Removal Packages.