Non-Surgical Vs. Surgical Intervention: What is The Right Answer?

Of course, nobody wants surgery, but when it comes to your aesthetics, sometimes surgery is the only option…or is it? It’s important to weigh out the pros and cons and understand all options and possible outcomes. Unfortunately, unless it’s medically necessary, and even so in some cases, Insurance doesn’t pay for aesthetic surgery anyway.

Non-surgical interventions pose less risk and less downtime without going under the knife. There are so many non-surgical options nowadays to help with skin tightening, resurfacing, and lifting. Non-surgical skin treatments are vastly growing in popularity as well. This is because with the new advanced technology and cutting-edge treatment options, results can look nearly as good as a surgical intervention! If given the choice without compromising on results of course, I don’t know who would choose surgery over a non-surgical intervention. For some people, surgery is not an option, so having non-surgical treatment options available is essential.

For many patients looking to tighten skin or address aging, this can be done with common skin technologies and injectables. Much of the time surgery is not needed as a first line or perhaps the non-surgical option will help delay the need for surgery for the patient. Understanding realistic results is so important too. Non-surgical options are less invasive, less painful typically, and come with much less downtime as well. Non-surgical options are also less costly, take less planning, and are rather quick to perform. In fact, you can get your treatments done during your work lunch break!

However, as a provider, I understand and appreciate the importance and need for surgery. It is also extremely important to me to be honest and forthcoming with my patient and provide them with a comprehensive consultation and exam to see if they are candidates for the non-surgical options because sometimes surgery IS the answer. I always prioritize safety and putting the patients’ needs first. When surgery is necessary, I refer my patients to the plastic surgeon or the right person so the patient can have the best outcomes. Surgical options allow for more long-term results and there is more ability to provide the most drastic and noticeable results as well.

So, weigh your options and discuss with your non-surgical and surgical team who has your back and best outcomes in mind.