How to Manage Aging of The Eyes?

Eyes are thought to be the windows to our soul, and one of the first features we notice on ourselves and others. This is why de-aging the eyes is a common concern for many folks. Eyes are a focal point of the face and we are drawn to engage with others by looking them in the eye. So, what is the best way to manage eye aging, wrinkling, discoloration, or puffiness? Here are my top 5 things that I personally love for rejuvenated, youthful, and refreshed looking eyes.

  1. Tox! Pick your poison…Whether it is Dysport, Daxxify, Jeuveau, Xeomin, or Botox, Tox smooths wrinkles but actually does even more than that! The orbicularis oculi muscle of the eye is a sphincter muscle that pulls in, so when we tox that muscle it actually helps the eye muscle open up a bit for a more rested and awake look with smoother and tighter skin.
  2. Preventative measures are vital! Wear your sunglasses, sunscreen, and control your stress. All of these things help minimize squinting, frowning, and sun damage, which activate those lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  3. AgeJET Plasma Eyes are a MUST! Through non-ablative skin resurfacing the AgeJET Plasma is supreme for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. This technology utilizes medical grade nitrogen to convert to Plasma with radio frequency to heat the skin and create abundant collagen and elastin, while removing damaged skin. Results are impressive, fast, and long-lasting too. AgeJET is impeccable at reducing eye bags and reducing dark marks around eyes as well, so overall AgeJET can combat almost all eye concerns in a non-surgical manner.
  4. Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening. With technology like RF microneedling or using our DENZA that combines BOTH monopolar and bipolar energy, RF energy is essential to lift and tighten the eyes. If eyes feel heavy, crepey, or aged, this is a great treatment option. Virtually no downtime for either and as close to painless as possible, results are both immediate and long-term too.
  5. Skincare for Eyes-Skincare is fundamental. Without good skincare, the foundation is missing and then the tox and technologies do not work as well or last as long. Medical grade eye products are superior because they contain better ingredients with higher concentrations. Wrinkle reducing products for the eyes help hydrate, brighten, and tighten the eyes. I love IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which helps with a multitude of eye concerns, in addition this product contains effective peptides and antioxidants to help promote skin health and diminish aging as well. Hydrinity eye renewal complex is also a great product to hydrate and fight aging, while also feeling luxurious and powered with peptides.