Easy First Line Steps to Hair Growth

Hair growth is complex and suffering from hair loss, thinning, shedding, or breaking, is a very common complaint. Finding a solution means getting healthier hair and a confidence boost! Figuring out hair issues is best done by understanding medical history, labs, lifestyle, and current products being used.

So, before you fly to Turkey to get a hair transplant, follow these rules first…. The best place to start with a healthy hair growth journey is by examining and addressing lifestyle behaviors. It is essential to practice healthy habits to get healthy hair. Like I tell my patients, most things are horses and not zebras in healthcare, thus many issues can be managed by simple and non-surgical manners.

Proper Nutrition

A Mediterranean diet or a healthy diet with proper protein intake (protein intake is different for each person so discuss with your provider) and getting proper hydration, are crucial to support hair growth, and prevent hair loss too.

Manage Stress

Managing stress is critical as well. So, whether that is best managed through guided meditation or dancing while you rage clean like I do, find your stress relief go-to so that stress does not become too much to handle. Make sure you do the things you love, take time to relax, and the power of laughter is essential in life. Scalp massage is also great to promote scalp circulation while also aiding as a way to relax and unwind.

Other Behaviors

Lifestyle behaviors like smoking, excessive alcohol, or illicit drug intake, can affect our metabolic system among many other things, including our hair. Avoiding unhealthy choices is a simple but key element to prevent hair loss. Exercise on the other hand is a very healthy behavior to practice and this can increase circulation and promote both a healthy scalp and hair growth.


Products are fundamental to support hair growth of course. We highly recommend 82S shampoo and conditioner because it offers an abundance of medical grade vitamins, amino acids, and ingredients like Saw Palmetto to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. A red-light therapy helmet is great to wear to support hair follicle health. We also LOVE Nutralfol for healthy hair and promoting hair growth! Nutrafol is the OG staple vitamin for hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion. We love it because it is hair nutrition through a wellness from within approach. It is the most clinically tested vitamin for hair growth with such impressive results. Remember to avoid lots of heat tools on the hair and use a proper hair brush too.

Overall, it is a multi-piece puzzles to restore and create a healthy hair biome. Remember, waiting for hair to grow is worse than watching paint dry. Trust the process but know there are more options after these steps to advance to if needed! Now adays, one of the most cutting-edge and innovative treatments is through umbilical allograft tissue implant to not only restore hair but stimulate old and brand-new follicles! RF microneedling and exosomes can also help with hair restoration as well. Discuss with your trusted provider and get on a regimen that is perfect for you!